TSP in Food

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TSG improves food products in the perspective of a better end customer experience by delivering a smooth rich and natural mouthfeel, your customer will feel a “melt in the mouth” touch even in reduced-fat products.

TSG can form a gel with high sugar content (i.e. 40% to 60%) more suitable for Jams, Jellies, Yoghurt, and Frozen drinks.

The water retention quality of TGS very useful in Ketchup, bean paste, Soy sauce, and mayonnaise also TSG works as a thickener and stabilizing agent.

 TSG is an excellent performer when it comes to Dairy products; it is widely used in frozen desserts such as ice creams, low-fat ice creams, and Low-fat yogurts.

 TSG forms fine ice crystal which is very important for ice creams to improve taste, customers feel the fineness with Non-sticky texture.

TSG allows other Polysaccharides to perform in products without any synergistic or cancellation,

This unique character allows you to take advantage of both gums,

with LBG it shows excellent shape retention quality, TSG has low viscosity comparing to guar and locust bean gum if you try to stabilize ice creams with higher viscosity products customers feel the heavy texture when tasting your ice creams, but if you mix TSG in your product for stabilizing, it works in both way makes fine and light ice creams and stabilize your products as per requirement.

You can fill the container in packing without dropping it from Nozzles, Stability of the products will be very smooth and stringy of TSG.