TSP in Cosmetics

TSG is a Plant-derived Nonion Polymer, with good stability and compatibility with other ingredients.

your product will not have Sticky and stringy solutions that provide a smooth texture, with TSG you can formulate any product with acid and salt content.

Highly compatible with various surfactants, and can make them thick, the mixture of TSG and Surfactants maintains a clear appearance and give stable viscosity for a long period.

It can add viscosity to amino-acid-based surfactants, which are usually difficult to be thickened.

With Sugar and alcohol, the viscosity of the solution synergistically increases, and finally, it forms a gel.

you can make a transparent gel with Glycerin and TSG for products like clear gel types

The Newtonian character of TSG makes Viscosity independent of shear rate,

you can further process your product like emulsification and Sterilization still TSG shows stable viscosity it can perform in the various pH range.

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