Tamarind Seed Powder

Tamarind seed powder is an excellent binder for all your needs like food and other industrial

In Food products, TKP works as a water retention and binding agent for “gluten-free products”, not only playing as a binder this can make your products more healthy with high protein content(18% to 20%) and dietary fibers.

Tamarind Seed powder starts the journey from Various grades are delegated to Tamarind Seeds. These seeds are methodically ground to powder conserving their nutritious properties. These seeds are roasted and decorticated. The kernels of these seeds are separated by color sorter to obtain, rich tamarind kernel powder.

Physio-Chemical properties of Tamarind Kernel Powder creamy white in color. It is a polymer composed of D-mannose and D-galactose units. It has a high water absorption capacity and its solutions can retain viscosity over a broad range of pH. It forms thick, viscous, colloidal dispersions that yield strong, transparent, elastic films on evaporation when heated with water. The maximum viscosity of the powder is obtained in the pH range of 7.0 to 7.5.

Tamarind seed powder consists of the following main components

  • Moisture – 6 to 12%
  • Protein – 18% to 20%
  • Crude fiber – 1% to 2%

Tamarind kernel powder is used as a thickener and stabilizer for food products like ketchup, sauces, and noodles.

and we can also use it as a binder in pet food which can improve pet food and gluten-free bakery products, and It will improve the quality of your pet food