Natural Gums

Are you interested in Natural gums? Are you sure Natural gums are derived naturally?

If you are looking for natural gum as an ingredient in your product that’s really great! you are the one among people who really care about their customers. Using synthetic ingredients may be cost-effective but it cost customers health in long run.

Natural gums give the best satisfaction and healthy customer for your products.

You need to make sure that the gums you are choosing are natural and naturally derived because the Extraction processes of natural gums include many chemicals and are deeply processed.

You can find pretty interesting products here for your needs, especially in the segment of Food Stabiliser and Binder.

We are the only company that deals with exclusive gum from Tamarind seed.

Tamarind is the evergreen tree, the tamarind fruit pulp used in foods for more than centuries in India and Asian countries because of the tanginess it contains.

The fruit pulp is used in various commercial industries like Candies, Paste for food applications. Candies with tamarind tanginess are used to control vomiting sensation in travel.

Tamarind Seed Kernel powder is a value-added product from tamarind fruit that has a wide range of uses in the food, textiles, paper, and adhesive industries for those who are really like to make their products more natural.

The inner kernel of the seed is creamy white in color and contains excellent binding properties and thickening ability with water retention quality.

Tamarind Seed Powder entering the new segment “Bakery items” such as cakes, biscuits.

TKP can bring healthy dough by replacing 30% of ordinary flour in bakery products with extra protein. To know more about TKP and its Uses click here…

Tamarind Seed Gum or Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide(TSG) is a purified Polysaccharide from TKP, with its unique characteristics and functionality TSG shows excellent performance in the Food industry as an emulsion stabilizer.TSG is not an ordinary hydrocolloid for stabilizing food products but also it enhances the richness of your product and gives an excellent mouthfeel for consumers. it is all one stabilizer know a JACK of Food stabilizers. TSG has not stopped its performance with the food industry, it can play a superior role in cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.